Supporting Our Constituents



Supply & Acquisition:

Supply and Acquisition: JWK Corporation has extensive experience with a wide variety of Government agencies providing advanced technology services and solutions (e.g. Supply-Chain-Management, Acquisition for front line fighter, Systems Integration, Satellite Imaging Technology, Alternative Energy, IT Solutions, etc.).  JWK has proven capabilities as a world class Systems Integrator with over 10 years as  Prime Contract for the U.S. Navy F-18 fighter aircraft—JWK role was key in providing on-time aircraft parts, acquisition and supply. JWK also was selected as the Prime Contractor at all U.S. Bases in South Korea providing much needed Services/Support (Supply, Parts, Logistics, Manpower, Quality Control, Documentation, Accounting and Construction etc.) in support of assigned aircraft and personnel.


Information Technology:

Information Technology: A Massively Parallel Processor (MPP) harnesses the power of hundreds or thousands of CPUs for a single operation.  These operations can result in a search for items at the rate of billions of database rows per second.  JWK's MPP uses industry standard blade servers and a high performance operating system.  The system is linearly scaleable, meaning if the amount of data doubles, then JWK can double the number of processors for the same search speed.  JWK system is non-indexed, RAM-based and was designed for extremely large datasets assembled from disparate sources.  It has been used with success to: Track fraudulent trades, Host satellite data for the analysis of ground deformation indicating subterranean activity, Analyzes network and telecommunication traffic, Profile and analyze customers and Predict aircraft part replacement.


Integrated Border Control System (JTS):

Integrated Border Control System (JTS): JWK has developed a state of the art intelligent sensor (JTS), with the highest level of sophistication both in hardware and software technology.  The purpose of JTS is to bring together multiple sensors in to one sensor pod with artificial intelligence built in.


Alternative Energy Technology:

Alternative Energy Technology: JWK has developed a new and safe nuclear energy source.  This new nuclear energy source has the potential to replace all existing energy requirements including electric power generation, transportation needs, and cleaning nuclear waste.